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8mm/4mm DAT storage solutions

Lockable, Mobile 'MultiStore' Cabinets.

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Australian Made

Storage Cabinet with doors

75 Cartridges within sleeve per shelf

120 cartridges without sleeve per shelfs

Storage Cabinet with doors

200 per shelf

Storage Cabinet with doors

78 per shelf

Storage Cabinet with doors
4mm & 8mm Tape Cartridges

120 per shelf

Storage Cabinet with doors

A three shelf 'Add-on' System is available - Awaiting your configuration

Total Capacities (Base + Add-on):
Magstar with sleeve: 600
CD & CD-RW: 1600
AIT 8mm & 4mm: 960
DLT: 624

Total Dimensions: 1415 x 790 x 5500

Media Identification labels available. (Colour coded & Tri-Optic)


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