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Your Network File Servers, Hosts and ancilliary equipment are the heart, as well as the show piece of your installation. So doesn't it make sense to have them organised? When time is critical, doesn't it make sense to be able to access them easily? And when the Managing Director is showing off the power of your expensive network investment to the Board, it would be nice to have them looking good!

The Prodata Network Organiser lets you achieve these mission critical objectives, regardless of the size of your network. We can provide a solution that exactly supports your hardware and space requirements.

Totally modular, the Prodata Network Organiser allows units and equipment to be easily changed, moved or reconfigured, all to your specific needs.

When dealing with the manufacturer your exact requirements can be acheived!

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Prodata Network Organiser

Prodata Network Organiser

  • Prodata Network OrganiserReconfigurable
  • Built to your specific requirements
  • Australian Manufacture

Prodata Network Organiser


Prodata Network Organiser


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